Services Provided

Dr. Mathis has 20+ years of experience organizing, time-lining and integrating medical records.

Dr. Mathis has 20+ years of experience writing medical-legal reports.

Dr. Mathis has 20+ years of experience giving testimony in depositions and trials.

David M. Mathis, MD has expertise which includes:

• Prison Medicine
• Hospice Medicine
• Access to Care in Prisons and Jails
• Standard of Care Violations
• Utilization Management
• Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment
• Trauma

• Deliberate Indifference
• Heat Related Injuries
• Chronic Care Standards (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Seizure Disorders, Hypertension)
• Formulary vs Non-Formulary Issues
• Pain control
• Infectious disease

• Hepatitis C
• Mental Health in Prisons and Jails
• Inmate Medical Consent Issues
• Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Correctional Facilities
• Palliative Care
• End of Life Issues

David M. Mathis, MD

4107 Casper Way
Napa, CA 94558
(703) 431-7586


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